What is Kelate?

Kelate is a highly reactive water reducible chelating polymer for rust passivation on rusted steel which has been hand or power cleaned, or blasted

KELATE® neutralizes the corrosion process. It reacts quickly (reaction time is +/- 3 hours) with the rust and transforms iron oxides into a stable and insoluble blue-black metallo-organic complex which is ready for painting after reaction.

The reaction is characterized by the surface turning to a blue-black colour.

KELATE® effects a thorough chemical passivation of the substrate and makes it a sound base for the application of coating systems.

Kelate is not a paint or a primer coating. Treated surfaces must be protected by suitable paint/coatings, preferably within 48 hours after application. Kelate MR138 will give some longer extra protection (see below).

Product Range

Kelate MR6 & MR6D

Highly reactive concentrated (MR6) or ready-to-use (MR6D) water reducible chelating polymer for rust passivation on steel.

Kelate MR138

Combines an electrochemical function to a physical barrier function (ready-to-use). More information can be found here.

Kelate MR80 & MR80D

Specifically designed when surface temperature is in the range 40-60 °C

Kelate Wax

Active water based wax system for superior wetting and creeping properties (ready-to-use)

Technical Data Sheets

Kelate MR6 - pdf

Kelate MR6D - pdf

Kelate MR138 - pdf


Kelate MR80 - pdf

Kelate MR80D - pdf

Kelate Wax - pdf

The Key Benefits of Kelate


  1. Water based – Zero VOC
  2. Provides full rust passivation on adequate surfaces (CSt2-DSt2)
  3. Allows to save on costly Sa2 surface preparation
  4. Can be applied on humid surfaces
  5. Quick reaction time
  6. Coatable after 3 hours
  7. High coverage: 20m² per litre.
  8. Requires only one coat without excess.
  9. Does not contain phosphoric acid which usually leaves acidic residues on the surface
  10. No brush marks (thin and homogeneous coat)
  11. No need to rinse off the surface after reaction
  12. Not irritant nor corrosive
  13. Long shelf-life (min 24 months)


Instructions for use

A pdf version of this table is available here